Corporate Training Services

Our Corporate Division provides language training and consulting services to corporations, government and clubhouses in Hong Kong and in Mainland China. The focus of our Corporate Division is to promote proficiency in practical English and Putonghua in workplace and to train up executives’ competence in languages.

Apart from providing language training and consulting services, we are one of the registered course providers offering In-house Tailor-made English Training (, a funding scheme steered by SCHOLAR under the Workplace English Campaign.

We also provide assistance in applying training grant for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong. We provide training relevant to their business operations and to assist them to improve capabilities and competitiveness in the World Market.

English Courses

1. Spoken Business English Course
  Course Outline
  • Meeting new people, initial conversations and body language.
  • Phone messages, giving and requesting information.
  • Making an appointment
  • Talking about schedules
  • Describing situations, places, people and things
  • Explanations, excuses and reasons
  • Giving opinions, suggestions and recommendations.
  • Problem solving
  • Socializing

  • 2. Business English Writing
      Course Outline
  • Goals and objectives of business writing.
  • Are you writing what you mean?
  • Being short and to the point
  • Choosing the right voice (Polite, formal and firm)?
  • Types of Writing
  • Correspondence
  • Informative Writing
  • Requests and Apologies
  • Complaints
  • Proposals

  • 3. Everyday English

      Course Outline
  • Talking about yourself – Where you live, what your name is etc.
  • Things you do – shopping, sports, eating, etc.
  • Places you go – restaurant, post office, train station, etc.
  • Numbers – How much? How many? What is your phone number?
  • Feelings – How are you feeling?
  • Your Home – rooms, things in the house
  • Friends and Family
  • Social situations - ordering food and drinks

  • Putonghua Courses

    1. Putonghua Business Conversation Course 商業普通話課程
    Do your job duties include negotiation, making appointments, arranging schedules, or following up with clients??? Well, the ability to communicate effectively is the difference between success and failure. As business between mainland China and the rest world continues to increase, so does the need for Putonghua speakers.? Putonghua is required for many jobs in the market now and the demand will only increase in the future.

    Course content:
  • Lessons will consist of role-plays, group discussions, speech training and other activities designed to focus on speaking.
  • We will prepare our lessons to cover vocabularies and situations unique to your field of work.
  • Topics will be arranged according to the needs of your business.
  • For speech practice, tape or video recording can be arranged.
  • Certificates will be given after the completion of the course.
  • We can apply SME training funding on behalf of your company. The maximum funding amount can be up to 70% of the whole fee.
  • 2. Practical Business Writing in Chinese
    Many people focus on improving their skills in writing business letters in English but they ignore the importance of writing professional business letters in Chinese. Since the format and style are very different from English, it is not easy to write a business letter in Chinese, e.g. how to address people in different position and how to organize the letter structure. These problems greatly affect the message you want to deliver.

    Course content:
  • Formal Chinese letter format and style.
  • Proof-reading exercises so that students can identify and avoid mistakes.
  • Writing an accurate and clear Chinese business letter.
  • Students will be given class time to work on their own business letters with the instructor assisting them.??
  • Strengthen students’ writing skills according to their particular field.
  • 3. Mandarin Course for Expatriates
    This course is offered to expatriates so that they can learn some of the cultural aspects and customs as well as the language.?

    Course content:
  • Phonetics: Initials and finals, Chinese phonetic alphabet, tones, neutral tone and change of tones.
  • Topics: Self-Introduction, Greeting, Meeting People, Place and Direction, Number and Polite Request, Price and Currency,? Time and Date Expression, Invitation + Apologize, Hobby, Booking Air Ticket, Booking Hotel Room
  • Certificates will be given after the completion of the course.

  • Other Services

    Professional Corporate Writing & Translation Services
    Our team of highly qualified writers can help your company achieve new levels of professionalism in every aspect of business writing.? We have years of experience in all aspects of business writing.? Whether a one-off project or an on-going business relationship – our team can help your company with:
  • Business Correspondence
  • Advertising & Promotional Materials
  • Meetings, Conferences & Presentations
  • Speech
  • Press Release
  • Business Plans and Proposals

  • Our consultants design tailor-made materials according to the need of your company. Please feel free to give us a call at 2881 8320 or email at to have our proposal sent to you.

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